Barrett F/T Sensor

Barrett F/T Sensor

Self-Contained, Low-Profile Sensing The Barrett 6-Axis Force/Torque Sensor is a completely self-contained sensing package that expands the force sensing capability of WAM™ and BarrettHand™ systems.

The Force/Torque Sensor is available as an option when purchasing a WAM Arm or BarrettHand. The base of the sensor attaches to the tool plate of the WAM Arm (4-DOF and 7-DOF)* and the top plate of the sensor attaches to the base of the BarrettHand 28X series.


As with the BarrettPuck™, the Force/Torque Sensor is an entirely self-contained unit. There is no need for an external cable or large controller unit; all of the necessary amplification and processing electronics are built into one of the industry’s thinnest packages. With the calibration data preloaded into the sensor’s non-volatile memory, the onboard 32-bit DSP processes signals from all the strain gages and outputs 3 forces and 3 torques. All that is needed to start taking measurements are Barrett’s standard internal 48-V power and CANbus communications.

Manufactured from precision machined high-strength aircraft aluminum (7075-T6) and grade 5 titanium, the package is light and strong. Bonded silicon strain gages (up to 75 times more sensitive than foil gages) enable force-sensing resolutions of less than 10 grams while maintaining a maximum overload limit that is 20 times the operating range.