MantaroBot Classic 2

MantaroBot Classic 2

The MantaroBot™ Classic 2 TelePresence Robot is a mobile offsite-conferencing platform that is plugged into Skype™ or can be used with many other audio/video conferencing applications such as Google Hangouts, Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo, etc.  It allows users to remotely interact with and observe people and their environment. The telepresence system provides a level of interactivity which is not present with traditional “call-in” teleconferencing techniques. The user can move around the room and observe other meeting participants through a web camera and share desktop, allowing more effective communication. The user will be able to see live presentations and demonstrations as well as the body language of others. Provided they have a network connection, any user can access the MantaroBot TelePresence Robot.

The MantaroBot Classic 2 requires no supervision or operation by onsite members, excluding initial power-on. Onsite participants are able to communicate with the offsite user through a touchscreen computer display, an external microphone and an HD pan/tilt camera. The robot is based around the Windows 8.x touchscreen computer that manages the peripherals. The Classic 2 is Wi-Fi enabled and communicates with a wireless router. Skype or your choice of audio/video conferencing application runs on the computer providing high quality audio and video. A control interface runs on the user’s computer or compatible web-browser allowing full control of the MantaroBot and completing the video call-in platform.




  • Quickly “visit” work on your schedule to provide “in person” assistance on a business or technical issue
  • Attend meetings while working from home
  • View and discuss “whiteboard” interactions and use Red Laser to point
  • Investigate cause of building access violations without driving to work
  • Tour laboratories, factory floors or field offices
  • Provide customer TelePresence tour of facilities
  • Allow medical patients to “virtually” be at home and interact with family


  • Reduce travel cost to visit remote facilities
  • Eliminate travel time to attend meetings
  • Increase frequency of “visits” to remote or branch offices
  • Provide safe TelePresence tours of factory floors
  • Customer presales presentations & facility tours

MantaroBot Control User Interface

The MantaroBot is controlled by the remote user via a control application that communicates with the MantaroBot whenever a Skype, direct socket, MantaroBot Communications Service (MCS), or WebRTC connection to the Classic 2 is established. The control interface is designed as a small control panel that provides separate control interfaces for the movement of the Classic 2 and control of the camera and mast.

A web-based browswer controller is also available to use with either direct socket, MantaroBot Communications Service (cloud service), or WebRTC connection.  The browser controller can be used on any compatible web-browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

MantaroBot Classic 2 Features

  • No specialized controller hardware is required.  Simply install the control application for easy and intuitive control for driving Classic 2 and use it in one of three modes:
    • Skype™: controller application will be plugged into Skype™ (no charge)
    • MantaroBot Communications Service (MCS): use any available video conferencing application for your touchscreen computer and MCS for controlling the Classic 2(monthly plan required)
    • Direct socket connection: use any available video conferencing application for your touchscreen computer. Will work in closed network architectures typical for many enterprise companies(no charge)
  • Control Application connects through firewalls and NAT and anywhere a Skype call can be made. It can also connect through a direct socket connection (useful for closed network architectures).
  • High Definition Camera with Pan and Tilt control
  • Red Laser pointer mounted on the Pan and Tilt control
  • Obstacle detecting infrared sensors that automatically reduce speed when obstacle is detected
  • Tip detection using three axis accelerometer with automatic stop to prevent tip-over
  • High quality external USB microphone
  • Password protection access control
  • Dedicated touchscreen computer provides local control interface and display. Currently available touchscreen options:
    • Dell™ XPS18 Touch
    • HP® Omni 10 Tablet
  • Automatic communication link monitoring stops Classic 2 if communication link fails
  • Optional Motorized Mast available
  • Optional charging Docking Station available