MantaroBot TableTop TeleMe

MantaroBot TableTop TeleMe

The MantaroBot TableTop TeleMe™ TelePresence Robot is a portable platform where you can plug in your own Apple® iPad® or Android™ Tablet. The TableTop is perfect for use in conference rooms, on desktops, in conceirge or other environments as virtual receptionists, retail help desks, etc.

The TableTop TeleMe is controlled via an application that can be plugged into Skype™ or used with many other audio/video conferencing applications such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo, etc. The control application allows a user to remotely interact with customers, co-workers, and associates and their environment. The telepresence system provides a level of interactivity which is not present with traditional “call-in” video conference. The user can remotely control the tablet’s orientation and look around the entire room and observe participants through the tablet’s camera, allowing more effective communication. Provided they have a Windows PC, Mac, or a device with a modern web-browser and a network connection, any user can access the TableTop TeleMe TelePresence Robot.

Use any available audio video conferencing application for your tablet such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo, etc.  Works in a closed and secure Enterprise network as well!

label blue newNow supports WebRTC control path (Free).


TableTop TeleMe


The TableTop TeleMe requires no supervision excluding initial power-on. Onsite participants are able to communicate with the offsite user through the tablet’s display and camera. The base of the TableTop TeleMe includes powered speakers and a microphone that connect to the tablet via Bluetooth. The TableTop TeleMe can be configured to use Ethernet or WiFi.  It can be powered from an AC adapter or an internal rechargable battery. Skype (or your choice of video conferencing application) runs on the tablet providing high quality audio and video. A control interface runs on the user’s computer allowing full control of the TableTop and completes the audio/video call-in platform. The TabletTop also features the ability to tilt the tablet up/down via the control interface providing a wide visual range and acuity. It can also pan the tablet head left or right (+/- 180 degrees) giving full 360 degree coverage of the room.


  • Hold an audio/video teleconference in conference rooms, on desktops, in conceirge or other environments as virtual receptionists, retail help desks, etc.
  • Interact with customers, employees, business associates, etc.
  • Allows virtual attendance to events such as meetings or gatherings
  • Attend office meetings or school classes while working from home
  • Visit family members at assisted-living facilities
  • Visit remote offices for team or one-on-one meetings

MantaroBot™ Control User Interface

The MantaroBot TeleMe is controlled by the remote user via a control application that communicates with the TeleMe whenever a Direct socket, MantaroBot Communications Service, or WebRTC connection to the is established. The control interface is designed as a small control panel that provides separate control interfaces for the movement of the TeleMe and pan/tilt of the tablet’s integrated camera.

A web-based browser controller, MantaroBot TeleGo, is also available to use with either WebRTC, direct socket connection or MantaroBot Communications Service (cloud service).  The browser controller can be used on any modern web-browser.  A WebRTC compatible web-browser is required for WebRTC use.




MantaroBot TableTop TeleMe Features 

  • No specialized controller hardware is required. Simply install the control application or use the web-browser based MantaroBot TeleGo for easy and intuitive control for driving TeleMe™ and use it in one of three modes:
    • WebRTC: use any available video conferencing application for your tablet and WebRTC for controlling the TeleMe (no charge)
    • MantaroBot Communications Service (MCS): use any available video conferencing application for your tablet and MCS for controlling the TeleMe (monthly plan required)
    • Direct socket connection: use any available video conferencing application for your tablet. Will work in closed network architectures typical for many enterprise companies(no charge)
  • Connect through a direct socket connection (useful for closed and secure enterprise network architectures).
  • Holders with motorized pan/tilt available for the following: iPad®, Samsung Galaxy TAB™, iPhone®. (Actual tablet or smartphone not included.)
  • Red Laser pointer accessory mounted in the holder
  • Password protection access control
  • Powered from standard AC Adapter
  • Network connectivity via Bluetooth in Android tablets or through optional Ethernet or WiFi
  • Optional internal rechargeable battery allows “grab and go” functionality allowing telepresence meeting in any room or venue