Shadow RoNeX

Shadow RoNeX

Industrial Strength Fieldbus: Now available for Robots

Connect laptops, workstations or server farms directly to your hardware. In real time.



Real Time Control

RoNeX sends and receives data packets 1,000 times a second, consistently, all the time. This means your control system never has to wait more than a millisecond for an update.

Native ROS Support (& MATLAB!)

Install RoNeX drivers for ROS with a single command and start using RoNeX in minutes. MATLAB supports ROS, so you can also use RoNeX with MATLAB.

Flexible & Scalable

Need more I/O channels? Or sense and control a variety of hardware? RoNeX is a family of devices based on a flexible field bus technology allowing great flexibility of topologies and connectivity.



A Platform for ROS

RoNeX has been designed from the ground up to be plug & play compatible with ROS. Simply plug a RoNeX stack into an Ethernet port,load the drivers and you’re good to go. You can even use RoNeX with MATLAB.

Industrial Strength FieldBus

With EtherCAT all data packets are guaranteed to arrive every millisecond. No collisions, no jitter. Perfect for ROS and real time systems. Did we mention RoNeX provides 100Mbps bandwidth? No more sucking data through a straw!


Open Platform

RoNeX is an open platform. The drivers are open source and RoNeX users can re-program or hack Modules. We will be making this as easy as possible by providing example firmware and development kits. We want to foster a great community user and have a dedicated group here.



RoNeX Bridge (In) Module

Connects a RoNeX Stack directly to the Ethernet port on your host PC. Supplies power for up to 5 Modules in one Stack.


RoNeX GIO Module

Connects up to 12 analogue sensors and 12 digital peripherals. All digital pins can be used for input, output or PWM.


RoNeX SPI Module


Four dedicated SPI ports, 6 digital I/O pins and 6 analogue pins. Digital channels can be used as SPI chip-select for a total of 10 SPI peripheralsconnected at the same time. All digital pins can also be used in PWM mode.